Impact Pediatric Health | TJ Bowen
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TJ Bowen

About This Project

TJ is a cancer geneticist by training with a Ph.D. from University of California, San Diego and now works in Cardinal Health’s Innovation Center, Fuse. At Fuse, TJ works with internal and external partners and collaborators to solve complex problems in oncology and healthcare at large. Their goal is to build tech businesses and products that make the healthcare ecosystem a better place for all of us.

TJ has spent the past 15 years in cancer research, building products to improve healthcare, and advising biopharma, medical device and healthcare companies around the globe on strategic initiatives. TJ has worked both independently and with L.E.K. Consulting as a strategic advisor before his current role with Cardinal Health. He has led technology businesses with large scale data analytics platforms and is a self-proclaimed data analytics junkie who believes gaining empathy for the customer via design thinking is the best way to work.

He lives in Worthington, Ohio with his three boys and his wife Christy.