Impact Pediatric Health | Karen Griffith Gryga
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Karen Griffith Gryga

About This Project

Karen Griffith Gryga is an experienced venture capitalist, investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of startup and emerging growth company experience. Karen is Chief Investment Officer for DreamIt. Karen is also co-founder of Dreamit Health and founder of the DreamIt Athena program which focuses on female founders. DreamIt is a leading technology accelerator for entrepreneurs which has worked with and launched close to 300 companies since 2008 including SeatGeek, HouseParty, LevelUp, Biomeme, Biobots, Parsely, MindSnacks and Adaptly. Dreamit is the only growth accelerator designed for mature startups.┬áPost-seed companies with product market fit, some revenue, or early traction are left with limited funding options and resources to scale before qualifying for today’s “super-sized” A rounds.


We put our companies in front of customers, key strategic partners to drive pilot programs and distribution before we match them with larger venture funds and investor groups to raise follow-on funding. The DreamIt Fund focuses primarily on the follow on investments of DreamIt companies exhibiting strong growth and traction. Dreamit Fund has been named as one of the Top 30 venture capital firms in the United States. We are also one of the most active early stage healthcare investors in the country.